"A white ring of sun she had wanted to slip into" : Yun Wei Reads "How To Catch A Sun"

a Sunday reading; books books books; the next solar eclipse in North America is April 8 2024

In less than a thousand words, Yun Wei’s How to Catch a Sun” grapples with big questions. What happens when a person wants to be extraordinary so much that she does herself irrevocable harm? How do you see the shape of your own life when you know how far you’re willing to go? It is also beautifully written and spans a long life.

Yun Wei received her MFA from Brooklyn College and a bachelor’s in international relations from Georgetown University. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in Wigleaf (“How To Catch A Sun” in a slightly different form was published there), Word Riot, Brooklyn Review, and other journals. She currently works on global health development in Switzerland, where she consistently fails at mountain sports.

Forward In The World

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Forward is slowly entering the world. If you pre-ordered or donated or volunteered your time or contributed your work, it is or will be soon heading your way! (And thank you again for helping us make this happen!)

You may have also seen that Forward is now available from SPD. It’ll also be available from Powell’s (it’s not available yet because Powell’s follows official release dates and ours is technically March 28th) later this month. There are also a few copies remaining to be ordered over at Aforementioned Productions.

Forward At AWP 2019

We’re having a party on Thursday, March 28th at Crush Bar from 5:45 PM to 8 PM. You’ll get to hear readings from some of the writers such as SJ Sindu, Maggie Su, Monterica Sade Neil, Tyrese Coleman, Alvin Park, and many more. You’ll also if you didn’t pre-order Forward get a chance to buy a copy at the party. Here’s the link to the Facebook Event if you need it.

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