Hi! And Meet Desiree!

"The Choice", Call For Volunteers

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Today, we’d like to introduce you to Desiree Cooper! Desiree Cooper is a 2015 Kresge Artist Fellow, Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist and author of the award-winning, debut collection of flash fiction, Know the Mother (Wayne State University Press, 2016). “The Choice” (her story that will be reprinted in Forward) is now a short film, available free online at http://www.descooper.com.

We chose Desiree’s story “The Choice” because we thought it was an incredible balancing act. Throughout the story Desiree writes in the first personal plural and weaves in several different characters, telling us their lives in one moment, often in a phrase or two. She takes a topic, abortion, that in many writers’ hands becomes more of a rant in one direction and gives it a nuanced perspective. Desiree makes it what it should be, a personal choice.

Her short film based on the story is moving, effective, and beautiful in its stillness. You can watch it here.


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Thanks for reading and watching!