His darkness pulls me in. It glistens off him like a leather jacket: Madhvi Ramani Reads "Wolf"

howling at the dark, 12 copies left from Aforementioned Productions, AWP,

Dear Forward Friends,

I don’t want to say too much about today’s story, “Wolf” by Madhvi Ramani. Part of it is because the first couple of times I read it, not meaning to make a pun, I said, “this is wild.” And it’s a mixture of genres: literary in its language, maybe closer to a thriller in its way of executing plot.

And because a few of you might ask: this is one where based on language you might not want to play it around your kids or loudly in the workplace.

Madhvi Ramani writes articles, essays, drama, fiction. Her work has been published by The New York Times, The Washington Post, Asia Literary Review, and others. She was born in London and currently lives a thoroughly bohemian lifestyle in Berlin. Find out more at madhviramani.com or follow her on twitter @madhviramani.

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AWP 2019

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Our party is from 5:45 PM to 8 PM at Woody’s Coffee Tavern (1412 SE Morrison Street). If you like Facebook, the event invite can be found here. It features readings by Maggie Su, Yalie Kamara, Marlin M. Jenkins, Monterica Sade Neil, Eshani Surya, Alvin Park, Ruth Joffre, Alicita Rodriguez, George Abraham, Tyrese Coleman, Dennis Norris II, Gene Kwak, and Christopher Gonzalez.

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The Adroit Journal published this incredible conversation by Yalie Kamara and Marlin M. Jenkins.

And Tyrese Coleman has a new story in the second print issue of Split Lip Magazine. (This will also be available to buy at AWP)

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