"The seed of spiritual collapse, a missed opportunity for joy, contentment, fertility, or enlightenment:" Thirii Myo Kyaw Myint Reads "Ghost Story"

Thirii Myo Kyaw Myint reads; pre-sales continue; a tiny ghost is reading this over your shoulder you just can't see her

It was a gray Sunday. Mist grew, blew off the sidewalks and streets, hissed out vents. Rain blanketed the city. It was a perfect day to hear a ghost story.

Thirii Myo Kyaw Myint is the author of the lyric novel The End of Peril, the End of Enmity, the End of Strife, a Haven(Noemi Press, 2018) and the family history project Zat Lun, which won the 2018 Graywolf Press Nonfiction Prize.

Thirii’s “Ghost Story” is one long paragraph. Its ending is chilling, exciting. It has one of my favorite lines that I read while reading submissions for Forward, “They liked to see Jesus suffering everywhere.” The story originally appeared in Split Lip Magazine.

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