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On Small Press Distribution!

Hey everyone,

Happy May 1st. It’s been a while since we did any Forward updates, but some news!

1) We’re currently sold out at SPD. I’m sending more books tomorrow morning, but if you have any urgent Forward buying needs, the best place to get copies is Powell’s. If you’re in the Boston-area, there’s still a few copies at the Harvard Co-op Bookstore. And there is an evil website that you can get copies from, but do know that we’ll only see like (and this is optimistically) twenty cents from purchases from that place.

2) We’re on the SPD Bestseller list for March and April which is pretty great! Especially for a book where the only coverage so far has been from one Electric Literature article in January (and we were one book among many other great books).

3) Instructors have been reacting really positively to Forward; right now, it’s on track to be taught at a few different universities in the fall. Which is also great! Related to this: eventually on that evil website which I refuse to name in this newsletter, there will be a Kindle version of this book. Even though I wish we could do no business with them for a project like this, for courses to adopt this book and comply with accessibility, we will need to make a digital edition. Right now, the best way to have a digital version availability is through them. But if you’re reading this and you’re like ACTUALLY, I KNOW OF SOMETHING BETTER, please reach out. You can just respond to this message.

4) A few brags: staff members, Josh Denslow released his short story collection, Not Everyone Is Special and Jennifer Wortman’s short story collection, This. This. This. Is. Love. Love. Love. is available for pre-order from Split Lip Press.

Finally, we’re still weighing what to do next. Only the first printing of Forward was done in conjunction with Aforementioned Productions. And we’re still weighing what to do next—form a new press and go into a second printing—form a new press that alternates between small artistic project books by POC and textbook-style anthologies like Forward—start a lit mag via Substack—or something else. When we know what we’re definitely doing, I’ll let you all know.(and feel free to reach out if you have an idea).

Thank you all again for being so enthusiastic about this little book.

a million hearts for you all,